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  • Tibhar Grass D.TecS

    TIBHAR GRASS D.TECS The combination of the D.TecS technology and the classical Grass provides absolutely new varieties of the undercut and cut defence. The built-in tension in the rubber surface and sponge makes the pimples more elastic and enables an incredible … Read More

    not rated 400.00kr.
  • Tibhar Speedy Soft D.TecS

    TIBHAR SPEEDY SOFT D.TECS We combined the short pimples of Speedy Soft with the proven D.TecS technology. The result is astonishing because the short pimples do not only deliver speed during the open game, but additionally an increased disturbing effect for … Read More

    not rated 390.00kr.
  • Tibhar Speedy Soft XD

    TIBHAR SPEEDY SOFT XD A short pimple rubber for the attacker who plays at the table. The grippy pimple heads allow a large variation of spins and at the same time allow an easy transition for players from reverse rubber … Read More

    not rated 390.00kr.
  • Tibhar Grass

    TIBHAR GRASS The wave of these longest Japanese pimples at bat-ball-contact compares to the wave of the grass in the wind. These extreme long and soft Japanese pimples are easy to control and to play, although dangerous. The adhering and … Read More

    not rated 370.00kr.
  • Tibhar Extra Long

    TIBHAR EXTRA LONG This half-long pimple rubber guarantees an excellent control while granting at the same time a great potential to create disturbing effects. These effects are reinforced with the OX version. Extra Long is the ideal rubber for players … Read More

    not rated 350.00kr.
  • Tibhar Grass Ultra

    TIBHAR GRASS ULTRA Grass Ultra is a long-pimple rubber with an adhering surface (complies with the new ITTF‘s regulation). The newly developed rubber surface permits a large variety of undercut balls during a defensive game, but also disturbing attacks at … Read More

    not rated 350.00kr.
  • Tibhar Speedy Soft

    TIBHAR SPEEDY SOFT Ball control, speed, pimple effect – these are the most important characteristics for players who want to play an active, fast and always dangerous game at the table, while using short pimple rubbers. The relative short pimples … Read More

    not rated 330.00kr.