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  • Drinkhall Allround Classic

    TIBHAR DRINKHALL ALLROUND CLASSIC For a modern allround game there are several key ingredients necessary – a light balance, feeling, control and attacking potential. The 5 plys of ayous and lima woods are perfect for both experienced and developing players. Play … Read More

    not rated 530.00kr.
  • Samsonov Pure Wood

    TIBHAR SAMSONOV PURE WOOD 5-ply Allround blade, maintaining the playing characteristics that Vladimir Samsonov is renowned for after two decades as a world table tennis leader  Extraordinary playing sensation  Great control Perfect placement in block and topspin Pure Wood produces an … Read More

    not rated 500.00kr.
  • Tibhar Balsa Allround 50

    TIBHAR BALSA ALLROUND 50 In the development of the Balsa Allround 50 we put the focus on both control and ball sensation. It allows you to play both a controlled topspin game, or block and counter shots at the table in … Read More

    not rated 460.00kr.
  • Tibhar Icon Sensitec

    TIBHAR ICON SENSITEC Sensitive, light and handy blade for the spirit-minded players who like to play a wider range of spin strokes, without loss of precision and power! Additionally, this blade provides great security and lots of effectiveness in short … Read More

    not rated 450.00kr.
  • TopSpeed Combi Special

    TopSpeed Combi Special   Spelstrategi: All/Off Vikt: ca. 90g Fart: VH 8+, RH 6+ Kontroll: VH 8+, RH 9+ Farner: 5+2

    not rated 370.00kr.
  • Tibhar IV-L SGS

    TIBHAR IV-L SGS Our classical IV-L and IV-S are now also available with a newly developed comfort grip system, the so-called SGS (Sponge-grip-system). With IV-L SGS we did not make any changes to the classical composition of the blades unique … Read More

    not rated 360.00kr.
  • Tibhar Lebesson

    TIBHAR E. LEBESSON The blade of the European Champion 2016 in single and French National Champion 2009, Emmanuel Lebesson stands for modern, athletic attacking table tennis of the French school – always keeping the adversary under pressure with uninterrupted action. … Read More

    not rated 350.00kr.
  • Tibhar Nimbus ALL

    TIBHAR NIMBUS ALL This blade was especially created for the spin dynamic ALL/OFF game and is characterized by its balanced ratio of speed versus control. With this light-weight blade, the player will feel comfortable in any situation. It is ideally … Read More

    not rated 350.00kr.
  • Samsonov Premium Contact

    TIBHAR SAMSONOV PREMIUM CONTACT Vladimir Samsonov put together this plywood layer combination producing a perfectly balanced offensive blade. The grip ‘Contact light System’ and the selected layers confer high speed and lots of control. After the ball contact, the racket shape … Read More

    not rated 350.00kr.
  • Tibhar Techno Power Contact

    TIBHAR TECHNO POWER CONTACT All+ blade conceived with Vladimir Samsonov‘s assistance, this somewhat slower blade still confers enough speed. It distinguishes itself by the elaboration of different players for the forehand and backhand, resulting in different playing characteristics. The ply … Read More

    not rated 330.00kr.
  • Tibhar IV-L Balsa

    TIBHAR IV-L BALSA TIBHAR has made a superior Allround blade of the newest generation. This blade has principally been designed for players who are looking for good ball contact and plenty of control. The outer layers are made of the … Read More

    not rated 330.00kr.
  • TopSpeed Feel

    TopSpeed Feel   Spelstrategi: All/Off Vikt: 75g Fart: 8 Kontroll: 9 Farner: 5

    not rated 320.00kr.