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  • Tibhar Balsa Def 25

    TIBHAR BALSA DEF 25 The Balsa Def 25 is the ideal weapon for a defensive game. The oversize yet lightweight blade and the Balsa core veneer allow the highest control in all defensive strategies.  Maintain high control in all situations. … Read More

    not rated 460.00kr.
  • Tibhar Stratus Powerdefense

    TIBHAR STRATUS POWERDEFENSE This relatively hard defense blade was built for a modern defensive game. The blade head is a little bit bigger than the norm. This light-weight blade will enable the player to react fast to almost his entire … Read More

    not rated 430.00kr.
  • Tibhar Defense Plus

    TIBHAR DEFENSE PLUS The TIBHAR specialists for defensive play have developed a blade which makes life easier. This blade remains light although it features a bigger racket shape. A special combination of the plywood layers with two layers of balsa … Read More

    not rated 300.00kr.
  • Tibhar CO-S-3

    TIBHAR CO-S-3 The ideal blade for the passive, defensive player, looking for maximum braking effects and ball control. Combined to a sponge rubber, this 3-ply wood enables extreme undercut, while combined to a long-pimple rubber, reversed spins can be realised. … Read More

    not rated 250.00kr.